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  1. Sue, I’m afraid my writing productivity floundered simply because I placed it lower on the list of daily priorities! There was ALWAYS something (to quote Roseanne Roseannadanna!), such as family responsibilities, work (yup, per diem now!), the gym (gotta stop that muscle wasting)…you name it!

    Now that I’m reading your blog, I’m inspired to go resurrect that poem I composed in my head ten years ago while I walked the SU campus in the fall prior to attending class. I was moved by the effect of autumn on the university landscape, so I wrote it down….somewhere!

    • Oh, write that poem, Cathy! You are a talented writer. I promise I will proudly feature it in my Writers and Books blog (because I know it will be beautiful).

  2. You are so right about having writers for friends. In retirement I have taken up writing, much as I watched my mother write as a child, though she wrote poetry and I seem to be a story teller. After a Creative Writing class, I joined the B&N Thursday night writers led by Kim Gore. Later joined LCRW. These people have become my friends and, to my frequent dismay, critics of my less than perfect work. Thank you for your comments. They are words of encouragement that we all need from time to time.

    • We do need each other, Rick. I fondly remember when we met at Steve’s informal “writers clatch” at B&N. But who better that a fellow writer can find those gaffes – such as head hopping, split infinitives, and passive sentences? At least we can get sympathy when we need to “kill our darlings” (those absolutely perfect sentences that, alas! cannot fit into our article or story no matter how hard we want to jam them in.) Here’s to writers everywhere and their gentle proddings.

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