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Wired to Write — 10 Comments

  1. Oh. My. Word…What astute observations on the Lord’s gifts to us, the connections between writing and other blessings we take joy in–and why we should value them. Especially in the beauty and language of music–one of the last things our minds cling to as we age. May they glorify Him as they bring joy to us and others! (p.s. Thank you for the mention, Sue)!

    • So much of our humanity is connected, isn’t it, Pat. (I didn’t think you would mind my description of your wonderful work.)

  2. Very interesting! I never thought about writing and crafting that way. Quilting is very methodical, like the writing process. I’m eager to see if she talks about the “pantsers”.

  3. Well said, Sue. Once or twice I’ve seen a gathering of women engaged in the art of quilting. It was intriguing to watch. Maybe that’s why I included a “quilting bee” scene in my book, “House with a Heart”. As I was reading your essay, I thought of the great value of teaching the Arts, and of the constant struggle to keep an Arts program in front of our children at school. I have a young granddaughter, a freshman in high school, who has explored all forms of art since the beginning. I think her first words must have been, “I touch?” We can’t wait to see how that develops over the years.


    • You are so right about the importance of teaching the “arts” in school – and not just the fine arts. I got into quilting with my daughter-in-law and between the two of us, her daughter now enjoys quilting and even my great granddaughter tried her hand at it. We must pass these “home” skills on because they are art true art forms in their own right. What a blessing that your historical book, “House With a Heart” keeps these traditions alive, Rick.

  4. Very interesting, never considered the relationships between writing plus art, music and quilting! Definitely encourages me to tap into my creative side!

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