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  1. Very interesting and informative. The biggest barriers I see are affordability, accessibility, and convenience. I understand organic produce will cost more, but for some- especially those who have chronic illnesses who would benefit from eating organic, that extra cost isn’t in the budget. Also there are a lot of food deserts in the city and parts of the county where people shop at corner stores that don’t sell produce, and they can’t get to a farmer’s market. Foodlink does some curbside markets, but do they include organic?

    • Great points! A city should not be a “food desert” for Pete’s sake, but it is. It’s most important to eat veggies, even if they aren’t organic. I understand people’s budgets are strained and it makes purchasing organic out of the question. But looking at it from a broader view, organic is far less expensive that non-organic. Here’s why. Our government (your tax dollars) pay to subsidize non-organic agriculture, so some of the buyer’s veggie cost is hidden in tax dollars. Big-Ag depletes the soil with it’s mono-crop, re-planting practices so we get less micro-nutrients and minerals. Exposure to pesticides, etc, contributes to illness, so eating organic (and other life-style changes)- would perhaps drop people’s pharmaceutical bills.Finally, the damage done to the environment from poor farming practices will cost a fortune to turn back. Bottom line, the government needs to subsidize the organic farmer so people can afford organic veggies and fruit, our land, air and water is protected. We’re backing the wrong horse, people!!! Foodlink accepts/buys food where it can so it can serve the most people. So organic is pretty much out of the question for such a great agency. But, hey, eat what you can to live!

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