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  1. Sue this was one of the best posts and it is a wake up call for those of us that keep going like the ever ready bunny
    Thank you started my day off with a smile

  2. Sue, you have been the best of caregivers! God directed you to study nursing even with all your musical talents for a reason. Absolutely, prayer is part of your day and mine. I say the rosary on my fingers as I take my daily five mile walk.

    I used to teach my cardiac patients in exercise rehab that this was their time to really care for themselves. I told them to consider the heart; it’s basically a big dumb muscle. All it knows how to do is to expand and contract. Here’s the thing: it’s a really important big dumb muscle, as it delivers nutrition and picks up the garbage! We discussed briefly that the heart was most likely designed by a higher power, and then discuss the fact that, when the heart is ailing, it must be cared for, or else the entire body will suffer. This led to the “logical” conclusion that that same higher power encouraged us to ensure proper heart care.

    Most patients attending rehab presented already in the contemplative stage of change desiring ways to attain good heart health, others had to be coaxed. Either way , at this time of massive pandemic and political change, placing yourself in the hands of the Lord is one of the safest places you can be.

    • You are right, Cathy. Knowing I am in God’s hands removes so much fear and anxiety! I like your comparison of caring for the heart to caring for self. Neither will work if not tended to well. I suspect your rehab patients got “rehabbed” in ways other than physical. Lucky them.

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