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  1. I needed your post today as I’m sitting at Strong Hospital waiting for my brother to return to his room from a procedure. He is in advanced heart failure. As I shared with him earlier this morning Be Still and Know I Am I saw this on your post also. I know God is with him and myself.
    My husband sent an email to me with something called the 4 candles. It brought me to tears but I have peace, faith love and HOPE.
    Thank you for your post today.
    It’s in God’s hands. Thy Will Be Done.

    • I am so sorry your brother is not well, Pat. He is blessed to have such a loving sister. If my post helped you today, it is only through God’s gentle care of you both that it found you this morning. I always say I want to “write what God wants me to write, so it goes where he wants it to go, and does what he wants it to do.” Today, he wanted it to comfort you. I am so humbled. Praise him!

  2. Love your blog on a Monday morning!
    When my husband Bob was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer, I said to God, “So THAT’s how You are going to test us!” And indeed it was, for the next three hot summer months until his death.

    I discovered two vital facts in that sad, intense time: first, that Bob, a devout Catholic, was willing to immediately place his fate in the hands of the Lord. He did submit to chemo, but only because our three children and I begged him to try; ironically, due to infection and weakness, only one treatment. God intervened to allow Bob’s wishes.

    The second truism I discovered was that my years of intensive care nursing had rendered me strong. Those principles guided me as I cared for him, administering IV antibiotics, keeping him clean and comfortable in his hospital bed in his last days. When I talked to the Hospice nurse about his agitation as he stared at the revolving ceiling fan, she nodded and replied,” Oh yes, he’s seeing his angels!” That solidified it for me: God was there, preparing his entrance into Heaven.

    I also realized God did not give me more than I could handle; an intense, quick illness and death were what I was used to. I don’t know how prolonged caregiving would have tested me. What I do realize is that I can now assist others- and have – when their loved ones pass. Sadly, I have become “good” at death….but hopefully at also providing sources of hope.

    • Thank you for your beautiful testimony, Cathy. After I stopped crying, I thought what you wrote was best described by St. Paul in Romans 8:28. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who who love him, who have been called according to his purpose (NIV) I know how much you love the Lord and can see how you perfectly fulfilled his loving purpose for Bob (aka Digger)and the others you have touched.

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