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  1. I’m a history buff. It seems ironic that my initial interest in history was generated by a one-semester course, in my college years, in Greek & Roman Mythology. Five years of studying Latin introduced me to Rome and some of its most famous citizens. (Cicero, who fought to bring back the Republic, was my hero.)I spent most of my adult life collecting books about Rome and expected that, in retirement, I would study and write about that era. Then came retirement. Rome’s books collect dust while I dabble in family genealogy and the pioneers of New York State.

    My most recent book, “House with a Heart”, tells the story of the pioneer family that built my childhood home 100 years before my family moved there. My greatest desire for that book is that teachers of New York State’s pioneer history find and share this fascinating sketch of life in Western New York during the early 1800’s.

    Currently, I am researching and writing the history of Rochester’s airport. After a 28 year career in aviation, friends have been asking when I would write about the airport. My story, the story of the 100 year-old Rochester Airport, will tell of the people who made a difference and the activities that made a difference for the people. I hope to publish before the end of 2021.

    So, to sum up, my genre is history and historical fiction. It is largely what I read and what I write. My hope is that those who read what I write find pleasure in the words.

    • Thank you for commenting, Rick. I DID find great pleasure in reading “House with a Heart.”
      Not only did I learn much about local history, I loved the house CHARACTER. A unique approach and you pulled it off so well.
      I look forward to reading your next book about Rochester’s airport history. Keep writing!

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