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  1. Dear Sue, thank you for your awesome insight & for sharing your life experiences with us. Your encouraging words lift our spirits, at a time when they really need to be lifted!❤️

  2. Sue, I think of you and Gene often. Your care-giving has gone on for years out of necessity. Thank God you were already an intelligent lady with such resilience! You must know there is a place for you reserved in Heaven.

    One big recommendation I have for you, which you may have already seen: “Schitt’s Creek”, a six season series streaming on Netflix, but also available on demand. The characterizations are delightful and the humor is right up your alley. It also sends a very significant message about growth. I’m in mid-season six and already sad that the end is coming!

    • I did see the first few episodes. Great story concept. Now you inspire me to return. Thanks for sharing.
      Your recommendation does bring up a good point. I have heard of people binge watching comedy and apparently it worked to lift their spirits. Of course it has to be the person’s favorite kind of comedy – like I don’t care for slapstick, but for others, its makes them laugh out loud.

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