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The Quarantine Fifteen — 2 Comments

  1. Bravo! I just managed to lose my “Quarantine Ten” and my lipid levels are better! Plus, I can now fasten my pants without a big exhale! Like your friend, I don’t eat between meals; I also parcel out small amounts of “dessert sweets”! Four thin mint cookies from my six-year-old granddaughter and Girl Scout Ada are 160 calories for dinner.

    Sue, when I look back on how we could each chow down a pizza in one sitting, I am amazed! We survived, though, and learned, that’s the important thing!

    • Ahh! Tino’s Pizzas! But, besides being young, that wasn’t what we ate every evening. Today’s kids are developing cardiovascular problems by the time they’re ten, not to mention diabetes. The standard American diet (S.A.D.) is far worse than it was when we were younger. I’m sure all your experience as a cardiac rehab nurse contributed to your wise diet choices now.

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