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The Lowly Celery Stalks Disease — 4 Comments

  1. I’m all for fruits and veggies, Sue, but I’d always wondered why mankind had incisor teeth too. Were we meant to be complete vegetarians after the Fall? I’ve discussed this with other people and found out that my IBS has improved dramatically with the re-introduction of more frequent helpings of meat–beef, chicken & fish–(mostly organic). I doubt a doctor would be happy about it, and it’s something I had to discover on my own, since it started with certain pills (for the heart) yrs. ago and they’d practically destroyed any protective layers in my intestines, I’ll take what I can. I believe too, the Lord made us unique individuals. Have also learned that our ancestral DNA has a lot to do with our health and living in certain climates.

    • I agree with you, Pat. Each of our bodies is unique.I don’t think humanely raised organic meats are necessarily unhealthy in moderation. Like you, everyone has to discover what works for them. I’m sorry those medications did a number on you years ago.I do believe unprocessed fruits and veggies have lots of health promoting, disease preventing/curing properties. Unfortunately, we could go through an entire day eating nothing but chemical-laden processed food and not a veggie in sight!

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