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  1. I am not into conspiracy theories and have grown tired of comments that contain the words “fake news.” I was frighten by the level of hate and the partisan position that colors every aspect of daily life. Pictures of starving babies in Yemen, people making their final earthly journey out of nursing homes, the ticking changes in the stock market, and the ever increasing death toil assault me.

    Two members of my family are essential workers. One family member is my granddaughter who works at a bank and the other is my son who also cares for a disabled wife. What if one of them gets sick?

    Then I was reminded on Sunday that Mary Magdalene, Peter and John did not recognize our risen savior at first. They believed that it was a conspiracy and that someone had stolen His body. His resurrection might even have been known as “fake news.” Many sheltered in place because they feared the pandemic of hopelessness.

    All Jesus needed to say was Mary’s name……MARY. The savior of the world, almighty God, knew and deeply loved this flawed woman. Like Mary, Christ knows each of us by name and loved us enough to die on the cross so we might be with Him on earth and in eternity. We don’t even have to put on our Easter clothes to hide our flaws.

    When I look around and see the selfless love of family members, neighbors, medical and essential workers, and the many prayer warriors; I see God’s love. It is the manna that feeds me in this wilderness and life makes sense again.

    Be loved everyone and be safe.

    • I never thought of Christ’s resurrection being considered by some to be “fake new.” It most likely was (and is for some today). Sheltering place. Yes, that’s just what the Christ followers did. Thank you for your insights, Sheila.I too am “fed” by the love we are showing each other now.

  2. Absolutely this pandemic has caused us all to rethink our place in God’s universe. Dire warnings from the Book of Revelation spring to our minds; I look Heavenward, half expecting to view the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Indeed in my mind, at least, I felt I was returning to the Zombie Apocalypse when I landed in Syracuse in mid-March after visiting friends in Myrtle Beach.

    As a retired widow living alone I was no stranger to being by myself, just not for this long a duration. So far I remain healthy. I now have plenty of time to enjoy lengthy conversations with our Lord. My gym is closed, but I’m so fortunate to live on the edge of a lake park; on my long walks I say the rosary. Watching Spring slowly awaken, I thank God for all He has given me and plead for relief for those impacted physically, emotionally and financially from Covid-19’s impact.

    When social distancing is over and I return to my usual life as a “social butterfly” ( my kids’ term!), I am going to maintain my “GodTalks”. He and I have never been closer.

    • It just shows God’s holy purpose in bringing us closer to Him. Life did suddenly change, didn’t it? You will get through this crisis because, as Jerry posted, you are in Christ’s hands.

  3. I see anther perspective of this pandemic. To me, it is no coincidence that the peak of the COVID-19 cases hits here in NY during Passover. And I feel that the Lord wants us to apply the blood of the Passover Lamb to our own door posts just as He instructed the children of Abraham in Egypt. When a “death angel” is coming over our area, when others are filled with fear and anxious thoughts, we can find strength and peace in the midst of this storm by hiding ourselves within the blood covering of Jesus Christ, the Lamb Who was slain. I encourage you to seek a closer time with God during this season of restrictions and disruption of culture. I encourage us all to listen to what He is saying to each of us – and to listen some more. We may find ourselves going through a desert experience next, or not. But, wherever we step in these coming months and years, let us know that Peace that comes only from knowing His presence in our hearts and lives.

    • Thank you so much, Jerry for your insightful comment. It is a perspective that brings hope and trust in Jesus, and reminds us of God’s presence in our lives. Thank you for sharing!

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