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Strength in Weakness — 8 Comments

  1. I love reading your Weekly stories. Sometimes they make me laugh, Sometimes they make me cry.

    I love the advice to give to others, and now I’m glad you are reading your own advice! It’s good to get help and get out yourself and do what you need or want to do.

    I miss seeing you at church. The time will come soon when we will be back together again.

    • Your enjoying my stories makes my heart sing. Thank you, and thanks for your support. I can’t wait until I see you at church. Soon, my friend, soon.

  2. Sue, I just love reading what your write because you write just as you speak; it makes me chuckle at times, because I can vividly hear (in my mind), exactly how you’d express those words in verbal conversation!
    I’m going to forward this on to caregivers that I know that continue to “do it all”. Such great insight!
    Thank you Sue!

    • Thanks, Kathy. Sometimes we don’t realize we are at a place where we need to do something different. I chuckle as I remember elderly clients who didn’t want to spend money on things that could help them because they were saving for their old age. “Uhm, you’re eighty,” I would say.

  3. There’s a special spot in Heaven for you and Gene, Susie! And to think I was there when the stirrings if your love story began!❤️

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