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Solace in the Solstice — 2 Comments

  1. While cashing out yesterday in a small store, the sales girl said “Merry Christmas” instead of the usual phrase I’ve been getting – “Happy Holidays.” I replied with a “Merry Christmas” and added that it was sad the way the commercial world has taken “Christ” out of Christmas. A woman behind me chimed in and said that people say Happy Holidays because other celebrations are at this time of year. I disagree. Hanukkah does not celebrate Jesus’ birth but rather the Exodus. Kwanzaa celebrates the heritage of the African-American people. There is no other holiday “at this time” that celebrates the Savior’s birth- “Christmas”- that I am aware of but I could be wrong. If people want to cover all bases perhaps the statement should be “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!” Any comments?

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