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  1. What a traumatic time for both you and Gene, Sue! I wish I had been there for you! Luckily there were others in place who clearly stood by you both at the right time.

    Coincidences absolutely rule. A month before I retired I was becoming worried about my husband’s level of fatigue, along with other vague symptoms. I was trying in vain to move up his MD appointment one day when I returned home from work when I received a phone call from his dermatologist. She was very concerned, she confided, as Bob had been in her office for an evaluation that day and “had not seemed like his usual jovial self”. She reported that he seemed “lethargic” and unfocused….and her words spurred me to drive him to the ED. Unfortunately while being diagnosed with pneumonia, the cause of his symptoms, the scans also revealed both pancreatic and liver masses. My darling husband had Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

    As a medical person- I’m sure you experienced this, Sue- there is some relief in knowing for certain what you are dealing with. As a practicing Catholic I felt like the “shoe had dropped”: that this was the mountain we had to climb. This was the price we had to pay for living lives that had been reasonably successful; now was the time to write the check. Again supporters rallied around us, especially our children, who rose to the occasion like seasoned caregivers. Friends and Hospice workers also delivered. The message we received: “You are not alone.”

    • I’m glad you had people supporting you. No one is so strong they can carry the caregiving or death of a loved one alone. When you reach out, you find many who are glad because they really WANT to be there for you, but don’t know how to help because everyone is different. When I was working, one family member said of her siblings, “If they loved me, they’d KNOW.” Not really, unless they are mind readers. Good that you accepted help in every form.

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