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  1. When my family went low sodium-very low sodium 1500mg/day, when my father was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, how bland everything tasted. But, we bumped up the spices and herb usage in every day dishes and they made everything taste better. I don’t add much of any salt-a pinch if needed, but I do eat full salt bread, and full salt butter. The American Heart Association has a great low sodium cookbook out, and there’s one I bought called The Healthy Heart Cookbook by Joseph Piscatella, a gentleman who at the age of 32, needed bypass surgery and had severe coronary disease. It’s a great cookbook with a lot of healthy recipes I highly recommend. If you want to borrow it sometime, let me know.

  2. I happen to be more of a sweet-a-holic, not that I ever pass up pizza or popcorn! Usually I try to avoid salt, due to my high blood pressure, although the news about Panera’s baguettes hit me hard!

    I am trying to decrease my dependence on sugar and especially sugar substitutes. Every time I apply two Sweet-N-Lows to my coffee my son Rich reminds me “That’s not good for you!” He’s right; I actually have decreased my use. No more diet colas cross my lips, but flavored seltzers are creeping on to my grocery lists. Any advice?

    • If recall, we nailed quite a few pizzas in our day! I hear you. It’s hard to eliminate something entirely, so we look to substitutes. Actually, I DO have some advice. Stevia (a sweet natural plant – organic would be best) has no calories AND is ten times sweeter than sugar – so you only need a little bit. Others sweeten their beverages with a bit of date syrup, and maple syrup is used in many recipes in place of sugar. I make mean blueberry oatmeal muffins using only – uncooked rolled oats soaked in soy or almond milk overnight, cinnamon, vanilla, maple syrup, baking powder, beaten egg, and blueberries on top. It’s sweet and actually, pretty much like having an oatmeal breakfast, so no guilt.

  3. I have read Sugar, Salt, Fat and found it hard to put down. The Jacobson article was also very well written. I cook nearly all of my own meals with no added salt and have run into the problem of my blood pressure going too low. So from time to time, about once a week, I have eat a salty snack to keep my blood pressure up in the normal range. LOL!

    • You raise a good point about blood pressure, Eric. People who eat a whole food plant based diet often do experience their blood pressure dropping to normal. That’s why someone should monitor their blood pressure and keep their doctor informed. If they are on high blood pressure medication, without that monitoring, their pressure could fall too low, as yours did. Keep you doc in the loop so you can safely reduce or eliminate medications. By the way, my heart bleeds for you eating a salty snack once a week. Hah!

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