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  1. What a beautiful and uplifting story! THANK YOU for posting, so neat as I saw Bob’s name as a poster on another devotional today,that last name catches the eye.
    As we age we can lose the beautiful childlike faith we once may have held, this story was so inspirational to restore that precious long ago faith! Miracles Do Still Happen as this story shows so well!

    • So glad you read Elaine’s story. It remains so inspiring. Since you have read Bob’s devotional, you may be interested in the fiction books he’s written. I first met Bob at his book signing, bought his first book, and we’ve been writer friends ever since. FYI, here’s a link to his author webpage.

  2. That’s amazing! Thank you for sharing this. It’s hard to see God’s hand in things when you’re in the middle of a storm.

  3. I have heard of miraculous cures like this before. I’ve always marveled at these outcomes; Bob and Elaine really transcended a terrible blow. I can almost palpate their joy!

    All of us should open ourselves to God as He is the ultimate decision maker. In this year of Covid and national division, I have opened my heart to God, begging Him for resolutions. I await His response, realizing this outcome may be far more complex.

    • You are right, Cathy. Very little, if anything, is that straightforward. I know God is moving, but have no clue where! I await with anticipation.

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