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  1. The other promising contribution of berries is the protection of brain function. Anthocyanins, such as the chemicals which factor in to the blueness of blueberries, help stave off Alzheimer’s! You honestly cannot go too far wrong with plant-based foods; just beware of poisonous mushrooms!

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    Mid morning or afternoon try a energy smoothie. Toss in some frozen fruit ( the banana or strawberries that ripened too fast so you froze them), broccoli sprouts, almond milk and maybe a half of an avocado (they can also be found bagged in the frozen food area). I have been known to put in some yogurt just for kicks. Sit down and enjoy the sweet,nutritious treat.

    Another trick…. Take a big hand full of organic greens and put them in a sauce pan. Add 1-2 cans of a low sodium soup to the pan, heat, and eat. Just imagine how much green leafy power you just consumed.

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