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  1. Such great ideas! My sister is now themain caregiver – she and her husband have made huge sacrifices and this piece helped remind me to do better at helping her get some me time. Thank you Susan!

  2. Just found Susans website, thru the “blueberries” devotional today! And what a special find as I’m a lover of lil “devotional stories” I call them. I loved “Ready, Set, Go” and the comments that were posted with them. I don’t know if this will be seen by them since I didn’t post a reply right to theirs, but I hope they’ll both see I truly enjoyed those too! Yes how truly important to have some wake-up time prior to starting our day. I’ve got a new lil granddaughter baking in the oven of my oldest daughter and I sometimes wonder (worry should be the word) at my age and my current health how I’ll ever get up at 2 or 3:00 a.m. and be coherent enough to handle looking after her! I read in the bible somewhere not long ago, that God gives us strength be for that day’s load, it comforted me then. I need to remember that now as her day coming into this world approaches. Thank you all for posting about this important subject, I was blessed. I look forward to reading more!

    • Welcome to my website and blogs, Dara. So glad you found me through “The Devil and Blueberries!” Hearing how something I wrote blessed someone else makes me jump for joy, because that’s why I write. Other than loving to write, but that’s from the Father too.
      I welcome your comment and hope to hear more from you. And I think you will be just fine caring for your little treasure in the middle of the night. Grandmothers have special powers :)). That’s why they are GRAND.

  3. You are one fantastic woman. I don’t know how you do what you do, but you are so good at it. You always brightened my days at work!! I was so sorry when you retired, but you found something else to do and are enjoying it so much.

  4. “Me time” and care is absolutely necessary! I used to tell my heart patients that when the heart was designed (presumably by a higher power), He inserted the coronary arteries to provide sustenance to the heart muscle. This way the heart could receive its own nutrition before driving the blood to the rest of the body. Without that there would be little to no circulation.
    My caregiving time was only three months long, and some of that time Bob was hospitalized with infections. When I arrived in the early AM at St. Joe’s, I always made a stop at the Oasis Coffee Shop to grab a flavored coffee plus one of their delicious oatmeal raisin cookies. Once I had had that snack, I could take on anything!

    • Absolutely important for you to do that. Even though your caregiving was three months, it was far more intense because Bob was terminal. And that must have been heartbreaking every day. I know it’s a comfort to you to know that you will see your Dogger when you are called home. (Hopefully a long while from now, my friend!)

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