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Qigong (“She Gong”) — 4 Comments

  1. Tai chi is also a path to fitness, especially good for balance. I am also anxious to return to one of my faves, Zumba!!!

  2. Susan when I read your post and you included old fashioned house work I knew you had come full circle oh to be back at St Jo’s waking you up at 7 to do wash!!

    • To give a bit of context here. When Lenette and I trained for our RN degrees, we student nurses worked 8 hour shifts 4 days a week, with a full patient load. Needless to say I savored sleeping in on my day off. On the day Lenette is referring to, she woke at 7 am with the joyous (to her only) news that the washers and dryers were free and we could do our laundry! Oh yay. I never let her forget it. And that is why my positive comments about housework gave her so much satisfaction today. Who wudda thunk it!

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