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Don’t Miss the Forest for the Trees — 4 Comments

  1. It is hard to admit that we should take some responsibility for maintaining our health. We look for the fast “magic bullet” and our physicians are trained to provide it with the magic of drugs. Taking responsibility for your health isn’t easy and it can be confusing. Look for a doctor who takes time to talk to you. Ask your doctor about nutrition and request information about how they came to their conclusion. Be willing to take good advise if it given. Many doctors get tired of telling people to reduce sugar and sodium intake, to lose weight, and to exercise because most patients don’t listen. Be proactive and help your doctor do a better job of supporting your health. You will also make your doctor take better care of themselves as a benefit.

    • Thanks, Cathy,
      Specialists have their place, but we would need them less often if we followed the research demonstrated in both videos.
      I think more people will becomes advocates (as you are already!)

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