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  1. The description of the day of your baptism in the lake brought tears to my eyes. What a difference going through the motions versus answering the call of the Holy Spirit made in your life! Certainly we are all called. Do we answer?
    Thank you for sharing your story and also what you look for in a church.

  2. I heard someone say, we remember the moments, not the days.
    I was two weeks old when my mother and sister took me to the Mother and Daughter Banquet at church. This was my introduction to our church family. I guess a lot of people knew me before my baptism. I confess, I don’t remember those moments. But I do remember getting an award for 10 years of perfect attendance at Sunday School. I remember the Sunday School plays and the chocolate candy received at the end. I want to forget the smell of white fish that permeated my clothing and resulted in a missed play rehearsal …. everyone thanked me for leaving.
    I remember the kids in my confirmation class, youth group and choir. There were many fun moments back then. Later in life, I was a member of the Dorcas Woman’s Group and taught Sunday School. I grow up with my church family. I never questioned my faith then. Faith was the love from my family and the relationships experienced at church.

    The turning point in my faith occurred the summer I went to a Christian camp with my grandmother. At 13, my thoughts were usually about boys but during this tabernacle service something unexpected happened. I heard things that changed my life. People did unusual things like standing up and witnessing about their faith. This was a new experience in my conservative and well structured life. I believe God called me that day. I was baptized in the lake and came out of the water with a “knowing” that I will have forever. In that moment I knew I was called by The Holy Spirit.

    What do I look for in a church? I have to hear the voice of God during the sermon, when I praise God through song, and from the people who sit next to me. I want to feel loved and respected no matter the color of my skin, my clothing, my tattoos, the place of my employment, the size of my bank account or being a member of a select group. I want to participate even though my skills and knowledge aren’t perfect but my heart is all in. I want my family by my side so they experience the love from a church family as I did.
    I want the gift of moments from our Lord.

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