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  1. This story is always on my mind, whenever I encounter those in need, such as the homeless or the poor. Jesus preferred the company of these people and indeed assumed their appearance, as on the road to Emmaus. If He chose them, why shouldn’t I?

    • I so agree. Unfortunately, we who live in the ‘burbs seldom encounter the homeless or poor. Yes, we donate to agencies that help those in need, but I wish I could get out there, not as a “helper,” but just as a person and share a cup of coffee with someone far removed from my “group” and just get to know him or her. Sometimes someone turns up at church who doesn’t look like everyone else and I think, “Yay! We’re doing something right.” For a few Sundays, there was someone who, in the middle of Pastor’s sermon, would shout “Preach it brother!!” Didn’t seem to bother anyone, and Pastor never missed a beat. That’s pretty good since, we’re not used to people shouting during sermons. Can you imagine someone shouting that during the homily at Mass? Personally, I think it’s wonderful. Such enthusiasm for the Word of God!

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