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My Life as a Bookworm — 6 Comments

  1. I love the way you, or should I say…your husband picks the next book to read. I can hear the drum rolling now. All I can say to you is, Keep reading and writing. You are an inspiration for those of us who believe we have something to say.

    • Thanks for your encouragement, Rick.
      And I’m looking forward to reading your book about our Greater Rochester International Airport’s history. With your background as airport manager, I’m sure it will be a page-turner. When/where will it be available?

  2. I confess! I’m very much a bookworm and a little OCD about it. I will be reading one book but have to have another in reserve. Actually that’s not entirely true…I probably have twenty books that have either been given me or that I have purchased at library book sales. And speaking of the library, it is literally three blocks away, so I am down there about every other week.

    My favorites are detective novels and mysteries; John Sanford, Michael Connelly and yes, Louise Penny are my addictions.

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