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  1. Sue I so remember those good old days!i remember playing classical music for our little premature babies and it would calm them right down even our withdrawal babies.I always listen to my favorites some of them dating back to St Joes and my mood is always improving and I have more energy Thanks for sharing Lenette

    • Thanks for sharing about how the preemies responded to classical music, Lenette. It’s just proof how powerful music is across the age/wellness/disease spectrum. From little preemies to the very old, and those of us in between!

  2. I, too, visited that watering hole and have to add that the music was as much of a lure as the cheap beer and the nice guys! But music influenced our lives in other ways during our time in nursing school.

    We frequently held many musical events in our school recreation room, attended by our classmates, many of whom were really quite talented. One of the most adept was a familiar name who actually attended the prestigious Eastman School of Music and could knock off a piano concerto like a pro. That same student was kind enough to mentor me so I could do justice to Debussy’s romantic “Claire de Lune” in one of our shows! Yes…that super pianist was no other than the author of this blog, Susan Yockel LeDoux!

    We also made use of singing tunes to pass the time. On our way to LeMoyne College on the bus, there were strains of “Michael Rode the Boat Ashore” plus multiple Peter, Paul and Mary folk songs that marked that era.

    I still retain my fondness for folk and Celtic tunes; I equate them with fond memories of my happy youth!

    • Those were wonderful days, Cathy, and I share memories of you AND I in that watering hole! “Our” music will always remind us of friendship ties that bind and that’s why I’m sure it can drill through dementia. It’s not just the music, it’s the dear friends with whom we shared the music, ….Love the Celtic Women, as I’m sure you must.

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