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Mothers in Need of Others – A Small Organization with a Big Scope — 6 Comments

  1. Love Maria and her ministry! It is truly a blessing for so many moms. Praying MINO is able to receive all the funds needed to continue strong

  2. “ I guess it boils down to people touching people with love, not judgement. And that hasn’t changed since Jesus said the same thing 2000 years ago. “
    This gem is one which we all should keep before us in every conversation and interaction nowadays. Well said, Sue.

  3. Poverty and need…I don’t know that anyone in my circle of friends and family have ever really experienced what it means to be in need, especially for food, medications and hygiene products. I knew that in my case I needed to see for myself what was happening out there, so I started volunteering to work at my church’s food pantry, “Loaves and Fishes”. My eyes have been opened.

    The pantry manager, Renee, is especially helpful. We keep a page on most families seeking our help, and as they seek a supply of food and necessities, we record their information to ensure the family is in our district and are receiving supplies once per month. Renee can tell you where the family lives, how many children or dependents live with them and other circumstances, as we often provide delivery.

    I am slowly learning who is who: the Asian couple whose two adult sons sleep on their living room floor; the young man who arrives over two hours before our once monthly fresh food giveaway, and has to nurse his old truck’s battery along while he waits; those who appear to live in their cars as we attempt to seek room for their food cartons; and the pig farmer who picks up our expired breads, fruits and vegetables in his aged Subaru, the back hatch of which has to be propped open to receive the cartons. This man recently experienced a severe heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery, but gamely prefers to load his car himself, refusing our help. He arrives without fail every Thursday, we provide him his own favorite treats, and we thank him profusely for “taking these expired goods off our hands”. He – and all our other customers- may need our assistance, but they also require our respect.

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