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  1. Thank you Sue. Your exemplars effectively demonstrate the need for us to communicate our wishes with family, health care proxxy, and provider. Then document with MOLST.I am suprised the rehab facility completed the MOLST without any input. Glad you were able to refocus their efforts.

    When my husband’s Aunt learned that the commmiity center in her senior community had purchased an AED, she purchased a DNR bracelet so they would not shock her and retriever her back from the Good Lord’s call.

    • Good for your aunt! I have no idea how that facility came up with the MOLST form – if my husband simply agreed with suggestions, not realizing their significance or not. I do know it did not reflect his wishes.

  2. Sue, thank you so much for including this in your blog. I am speechless! You and I know that’s rare; but seriously! That a nursing home would simply invent a generic MOLST form for Gene is beyond my comprehension! That really spurs me to get going on my own form.

    Believe it or not, I’ve had various forms, including the MOLST, on my desk, incomplete, ever since Bob went on Hospice Care, almost four years ago. No one wants to admit that it’s time to make that move! But time, it is.

    • Unfortunately, so true. We don’t think of ourselves as being “of a certain age” where it is needed, but reality (especially now) tells us that everyone should complete such a form.

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