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  1. My first “library” was a bookshelf in the corner of a one room country school. There was a book there with pictures of a boy in a green suit and cap and a pirate with a hook where his hand should have been. If only I could read! Two years later, due to the encouragement of a young teacher, I was in the Second grade and reading at the sixth grade level!

    • What an amazing memory, Bob. Now we have schools with every technological advantage and some students still never develop appreciation for reading. I’m not surprised you went to grade six reading level in two years. Now you’re a prolific author of four books (I consider four books prolific) and hopefully a fifth! I’m so glad I purchased your first book, Acquisition, when we first met and I interviewed at your book signing for an article in The Good News. You keep writing and I’ll keep reading!

  2. I loved the quiet and the sense of tranquility when I walked inside. The Greece library was located inn the old Mother of Sorrows Church at Paddy Hill. The floors creaked, and the scent of old wood filled the air. I remember hunting through the children’s shelves as if they held magical treasures.

  3. I remember the librarians who checked my books out! The lady with the dark/haired ponytail and glasses, the young man who could quickly whip out and stamp the cards, the old house the library initially occupied…and then, like magic, a new brick facility bead built, around the corner of our beloved Westcott neighborhood!

    That neighborhood has since evolved into an artsy, chi-chi cultural center, surrounded by the Syracuse University students. I still drive down from Liverpool to walk around there. The library is still very much there, and I still stop in!

    • Great memories, Cathy. So glad you still enjoy the library of your childhood, even though it changed over the years.

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