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  1. Good article Sue and you didn’t pick on my buddy Gene too much. Very interesting article about him (knew where he worked = never quite knew exactly what he did)!! I knew he always sent you cards and flowers on special occasions!! What a guy. I know you are a nurse and you sat behind the desk and was a wonderful supervisor. What exactly did your job consist of when you did home visits (before you were a supervisor)? Maybe you mentioned this before, but apparently, I didn’t catch it. I really enjoyed this article. Take care.

    • He certainly has enough war stories to tell. As for what I really did when I worked…My beloved son said: “Oh, meddling and nagging, your two best things.” To which I relied, “And aren’t you lucky I have an outlet for my talents other than you?” Actually, other than verifying if a client qualified for a particular Medicaid program, I would visit the client with the community health nurse to assess if the services in place: 1) Met the client’s needs 2) If services more were necessary for a safe/effective plan of care 3) :If some could be eliminated or combined more efficiently – and save taxpayer money. I guess it was meddling and nagging, but in a nice kind of way (I hope).

  2. Wonderful, Sue! Love that Gene was a DEI expert! I knew he was a CSI before they became the rage! You could write yet a new CSI series, “CSI Rochester”!

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