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In Memory of John Lewis — 5 Comments

  1. After readings and watching the following, I was both sadden, horrified, and angry at my lack of knowledge or basic awareness of human rights that have been denied to African Americans. I can how see the cancer that is systemic racism.

    “White Fragility” by Robin Diangelo

    “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander

    “Waking Up White” by Debby Irving

    “Reconstruction” by Dr Louis Gates

    Attending the online, “The Thrive Symposium”

    Out of the crucible, comes a hero called John Lewis. This is a person who stood up for his convictions, showed love and forgiveness to those that persecuted him, and loved us and our country in return. Real faith is action. Let the church rise!

    • Great references, Sheila. I have read Dr. Louis Gates’s book (love him!) and look forward to reading “White Fragility.” Thanks for contributing.

  2. This letter was from a great man of our time a role model of a true leader, unfortunately His words fell on deaf ears and our ears are deafened by what we are hearing on a daily basis coming from the leaders of our country and this makes me cry!

    • It’s a long heartbreaking road, Lenette. Perhaps the historic Trail of Tears will become our present journey.

  3. I find John Lewis’s words to be truly inspirational. He empowers us to cross the line, love our neighbors unconditionally and yes…even to get into some “good trouble”!

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