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  1. Your perspective as a long-term caregiver provides so much credence to this problem, Sue. Even though medical research has discovered amazing ways to prolong human life, the scientists have not been able to equalize the balance by enhancing how people live those lives. It always comes down to “quality versus quantity”, it seems.

    At this point other experts need to weigh in. Social scientists, ethics leaders, mental health professionals come to mind, but tying them all together? Nurses. Nurses view patients as a complete entity and can devise care plans that lay out goals and methods to achieve these goals. Also: social workers, schooled in utilization of resources to fulfill these goals, plus assist in the psychological counseling needed for the elderly.

    The problem? These are two career paths that have been uniquely stressed due to staffing imbalances, heavy workloads and financial compensation in the past, and our Covid pandemic has only exacerbated these. We need coordinators in the trenches who can work with both businesses and government to champion efforts to right these wrongs.

    • Absolutely, Cathy! You nailed it. Perhaps this is the time to champion these universal needs, when the gaps in our system are so glaring.

  2. Oh my goodness, I enjoyed this article so much. So much truth to it and you add just the right words to it. God Bless.

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