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  1. Hi Sue, not sure if you know this, but I have a PERS. You have to wear it every day, and although I never had to use it just the assurance that it is there around my neck. You folks who wear a PERS need to remember to call (just by hitting the button) once a month to test it. I do it on the 19th of every month which is the day of my birthday. (I mark it on my calendar and after I test it I put a checkmark on the date so I know I did it for that month) When they call you back you just tell them you are testing it to make sure it works. Mine goes 500 feet. That is all I need as I live in a 55 and older apartment. Very valuable for a klutz like me!! Thank you Sue for such an article that I can contribute to.

  2. That small unit that my mother wore around her neck certainly helped her. As her caregiver I was always with her since I had decided to take up residence after my dad passed. As a round the clock care giver, I never thought I would have a good enough reason to ever leave her alone. I was wrong. My grandson in Arizona was to make his First Communion and Confirmation and my son begged us both to come. My mom could not see herself traveling anymore but she didn’t stand in my way. After making all the necessary plans and schedules with my sister, I also had a heart to heart with Mom. I told her to be sure she always wore her emergency response unit around her neck! I drilled her on not bringing anything out to the garage since that would require descending two steps. She promised. The next day while I was enjoying the Phoenix sun, my phone rang and the operator said “an emergency fire truck and ambulance are on their way to….” giving the address. My heart sank! After palpitations of my own to contend with because of the delay in reaching anyone at “home” I finally learned that mom went into the garage to unload a small bag, lost her balance on the steps, fell on the concrete floor and hit the back of her head enough to give her a slight concussion. She was rushed to the hospital, had X-rays to check for a brain bleed since she was on blood thinner, and was released into the care of my sister!! If it wasn’t for the emergency response unit, she could have laid there indefinitely! Those units have saved many people from unfortunate endings I am sure!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience, Joanne! I hope it will encourage people to consider PERS. Although it’s sad that your mom went into the garage anyway (can’t exactly trust promises), what a blessing she could call for help and your sister could take over. It was important for you to see your grandson make his First Communion and Confirmation. Resources, resources…..check those resources before you miss milestones!

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