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Good Samaritan in a Life Boat — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Sue, what a wonderful article. I really enjoyed everything you wrote. Your County experience was very helpful. Sharon Vincent is a fantastic lady with a wealth of experience. I knew her from when I worked at Monroe Community Hospital and then with you in Home Care. I love reading your work, especially about these topics. Thanks again.

  2. Such valuable information! Hospital social workers can also be Godsends at the time of crises. The staff at St. Joe’s helped me initiate Hospice, which began only five days before my husband’s death from pancreatic cancer.

    Once established, Hospice opened the door for availability of home care equipment, such as a hospital bed. Previously the St. Joe’s social worker called me about every other day, trying to obtain such equipment in vain.

    The nurses and aides are marvels in their knowledge, empathy and spirituality. When my husband became agitated two days prior to his death, waving his arms at the overhead fan, Josie RN postulated, “He may be seeing his parents calling to him.” I found that strangely comforting.

    Following my husband’s death the RN on call immediately arrived to help with transferring his remains to the funeral home and dispatching remaining pain meds plus equipment. At such a grievous time it really helped to know there were “care givers” available for us. I was even able to join a wonderful spousal loss support group provided by Hospice. We still get together today on our own, even after five years! In addition Hospice provides periodic memorial services where you can provide pictures of your spouse. I am still considering becoming a Hospice volunteer in the near future.

    • Thank you for sharing your hospice experience, Cathy. Why did they wait until 5 days before he died?
      Unless our loved ones (and we) die suddenly family will face these heart-rending issues. So important we know who and what is out there.

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