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  1. Great article Sue I remember both of your Dogs too We can only hope God’s thoughts and ours are the same over the next week but I am trusting that whatever happens He has our backs!!!!

    • When I fret about the election outcome, I’m comforted by God’s sovereignty. He used all kinds of people, good and bad, to fulfill His will.

  2. Awwww! I don’t have a dog, I’ve had cats since 1989, when Rich,a senior in high school at the time, brought home the cutest tabby whom he promptly named Ferris Buehler. None of us had the ability to discern gender on such a tiny kitty, but ironically Ferris, an indoor cat, scorched outside long enough to become an unwed Mom!

    Naturally we kept one of the litter, a calico whom we named Cameron (after Ferris Buehler’s best friend!) and instantly fell in love again. Sadly, Cameron developed a fibrosarcoma of her spine and died at the age of six. I particularly mourned the loss of this cuddly, loving, DARLING little cat.

    Ferris, who could be prickly, shared in my sorrow, and took Cameron’s place as the official cuddled, even allowing me to tickle her belly, an area of the feline anatomy usually guarded from human touch. Ferris lived till the ripe old age of nineteen! By this time Rich was long gone, married, and building his own family.

    I still have a cat: Phoebe was given to me by a patient and has been my cuddle companion since Bob died four years ago. We battle a bit over food, she wants more, I am sparing in order to avoid her becoming a “flabby tabby”! My love for dogs is helped by my neighbors, who allow me to pet and smooch with Annie, Brody and Getta to my heart’s content.

    • I think the trick is to remember we are in a “long down” when we go through crises, but that, eventually, God will let us up. I pray sooner than later, Bob.

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