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  1. I braced myself to read this and as I did the tears fell and the chills surfaced. However, I should have known that you would be thinking ahead and insert those sentences that brought a laugh, a chuckle, a warm memory to lessen the grief! You have a remarkable way with words, Sue. I’d like you to write my obit someday!
    Gene always made me feel like a princess when he would come into church! I will always cherish the two frames of glass covered tea tabs with all the special verses and holy sounding tidbits he made for me! Let’s get together soon, Sue. God bless.

    • I’d do anything for you Joanne but I definitely DOI NOT want to ever write your obit. Live LONG and prosper dear friend.
      Thank you for sharing your memories of Gene.

    • A cornerstone indeed. Theoretically, I am an only child, but I have tons of precious brothers and sisters, like you, at Hope and beyond.

  2. Susan —

    I am thankful that you and Gene were such powerful influences on each other. Your gentle spirit has helped me to appreciate the many hours of kindness that go into caregiving. I am enriched knowing you and reading your journeys. Please keep writing and influencing.

  3. I am going to miss my buddy Gene so much. I also know that he is in a better place – pain-free, etc. I am so sorry that I couldn’t make it to the funeral. I don’t think I would have done very well knowing how well I knew both you and Gene. He is in God’s hands now. You take care of yourself and know that God is watching over you and so am I. Please take care of yourself and may God Bless you. Love you.

    • I know Gene was one of your favorite people and that you take comfort in his heavenly joy right now. BTW, I’m glad you are watching over me!

  4. Sue, I will personally never forget the weekend you met Gene! Your Dad was selling the leopard skin he had saved from his military time in India, as I recall. Someone who was answering the ad rang your family’s doorbell, you answered the door and the rest is history! From that time on Gene enlivened your already busy life.

    I remember even then you told me how Gene suffered from arthritis pain every day, distinguished by his occasional use of a cane. Pain is definitely not a factor in a picture taken at my own wedding several months after yours! He was the life of the party, dancing joyfully with my flower girl nieces and enjoying life to the max! Only you would know if he paid for that joyousness later on that night.

    Even years later when we connected physically at our Rochester class reunion, Gene was smiling hugely while he buzzed around on his scooter at your home, enjoying even the restrained freedom allowed him with his pain.

    I guess we can suffice it to state that Gene enjoyed his life enormously, along with you and John, even while plagued with his movement limitations. He has left us with one big lesson: use your strengths well in spite of your weaknesses.

  5. oh Sue, I am so sorry for your loss! I fondly remember Gene’s wit and humor, and remember being at your beautiful wedding. What the two of you shared was very special right from the start. Your tribute to him is just beautiful. I recall that over 50 years ago you told us that he was “the strongest man I have ever met”. I am sure that your faith shall sustain you and that your memories will be a blessing. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. xox Lynda

    • Thank you, Lynda. My memories of those first months after meeting Gene are mixed with memories of you and our St. Joe friends in the dorm as many of us dated our future husbands. They make me smile. So do dear friends like you!

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