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  1. My cousin went plant based after switching from keto, and he lost a lot of weight and feels a lot better. I would like to go more plant based, but I have allergies to many items included in a plant based diet-soy, peanuts, tree-nuts, flax. I would have trouble getting enough protein if I cut out meat. I am going as organic as possible, and don’t want to eat franken-food.

  2. As a cardiac rehab nurse, I can safely say there is much validity to the plant-based argument. Indeed, back in the 80’s, researchers were literally outgunned by one bullying scientist who totally reviled ALL things fat! His apparently was the loudest voice at the conferences, so other researchers tended to dig in and meekly follow his direction.
    Now it is nearly 2020, and others have voiced their dissent, mainly stating that there are good fats, especially mono-unsaturated, which lower bad cholesterol without disturbing the level of HDL, the GOOD cholesterol. Yes, basically plant-based, such as those present in nuts and avocados.
    But then…news flash! Along comes the Keto diet, which encourages animal proteins, saturated fats, and -gasp!- fasting! I have worked with diets in the past that established a state of ketosis, and was definitely not a fan, as I observed that even though the pounds fell away quickly, it was not sustainable.
    I have to admit, my son and son-in-law had great success melting away their abdominal girth, but they have to return periodically to this artificial way of eating to maintain their slimmer shapes. What I have found, at least for me, is a happy medium. Like you, Sue, I don’t deny myself on those rare occasions when I visit, say, a barbecue restaurant, but I do go right back to my more veggy-based eating quickly. The biggest reasons? I simply feel better, plus it keeps my weight stable. And that, to me, shows the proof in the pudding- or shall I say broccoli?

    • I’m with you, Cathy. I read Dr. Mercola’s book “Fat for Fuel” where he explains the ketogenic diet. I too am not a fan. Besides, to do it right (and I think safely) one should check their blood glucose and ketones daily. I’m sure you saw the “proof of the broccoli” over and over again in your work as a cardiac rehab nurse. Thank you for your comment!

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