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Faith on a Wire — 2 Comments

  1. I’m not as brave and trusting as you are, Sue; no way could I ever watch Nick Wallenda walking the wire! But belief that something good and powerful can come from faith…yes, I see it regularly.

    60 Minutes carried a wonderful story recently, about how quarterback Alex Smith of the Washington Redskins at that time overcame a severe compound fracture of his
    tibia, complicated by a flesh-eating strep infection. Doctors recommended that he have his lower leg amputated, but Alex had other plans. He worked with a physical therapist skilled in working with military patients, injured in similar ways by shrapnel. Suffice it to say that Alex was able to return to his quarterback position after months of treadmill running and agility training!

    As you pointed out, wire-walking is not an occupation dedicated to the service of others, and neither is football, unless you consider the die-hard fans collapsed in their recliners watching Sunday afternoon games. Still, God has his plan, and some day we may see it unfold.

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