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Elder Law Providing a Way Forward — 2 Comments

    • Good question, Pat. Personally, I think anyone, no matter their age, could be severely incapacitated suddenly. Ironically, my uncle was in a medical clinic parking lot in winter. When he got out of the car to go in, he slipped on the ice and hit his head. He died 48 hours later. I think all adults,no matter their age, should have given a trusted person POA. Everyone should have a living will and/or health care proxy and a will made out. When we met with Richard Marchese, we discovered we needed to re-do our DPOA because it’s old and would have limited what our son could do with out finances. Also, didn’t know we needed a living will, in addition to health care proxy, because it allows more depth to our wishes!

      I believe every Senior especially should give this gift to their family so they can step in on our behalf immediately. Later, if you develop health issues, someone like Richard can help you access what you need. That may happen years after your first visit, but at least you will have an established relationship and the attorney doesn’t have to start at square one.

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