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  1. When we moved to the village of Liverpool fifty years ago, we were thrilled that we were close to our neighbors and that we had sidewalks and front porches, encouraging communication just like living in the city of Syracuse, where both Bob and I grew up. As the years passed, our kids could walk to elementary and middle schools, plus it was safe to bike and stroll to nearby stores. Neighbors frequently babysat and always looked out for us and our children.

    Today we still have the sidewalks, so we can walk around the village. The neighbors have changed, but we still look out for each other. My neighbor Bill often snow blows my sidewalk, my friend and next door neighbor Floris used to feed my cat when I was away. I am currently feeding her cat and bird while she’s in Florida with her new husband Julio. I was honored to be a reader at their wedding Thanksgiving weekend. Bev on my other side, who enjoys entertaining, hosts neighborhood parties (at least when Covid is less prevalent!). Connie and Gerry pass out Christmas cookies to us all at holiday time. Patti and Tim drive me up to SU women basketball games.

    Thankfully people are still looking out for each other on First Street. I truly felt the love and support when Bob passed and feel like someone would be there in times of trouble. This is why I hope God allows me to live out my life in this setting and will tank Him for our decision to buy here in 1972. This is how it should be for everyone.

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