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  1. When Bob was dying from pancreatic cancer, he as sleeping in the family room with a commode, as out two bathrooms are only on the upper and lower floors, and stairs were really difficult for him. He was in and out of St. Joe’s with infections, so had many oncologist appointments.
    As a nurse, and like you, task-oriented, time was always on my mind. Frequently we’d be all set to head out to the car to see the MD, and Bob would apologetically tell me he had to use the bathroom. I admit I didn’t always receive this news well, afraid of a late arrival. Sometimes Bob would instruct me to take a deep breath; looking back, how sad that he’d need to do that!
    One day I felt particularly frustrated, but followed Bob’s advice. I told him
    , “Take as much time as you need. You are the love of my life!” In the days following his death, I thanked the Lord that during those intense days, I at least had the opportunity to tell him that.

    • Cathy, there is not a caregiver alive who cannot say “Been there. Seen it. DONE THAT.” Caregivers are anxious over many things at once, and sometimes frustration is the name of the game. I know you, your heart, and Bob. You covered him with so much love and care, I’m sure a bit of frustration here and there were only mosquito bites in the grand scheme of things.

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