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Author Turned Publisher — 11 Comments

  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog. I had no idea what the process is for writing and publishing. It gives me a real appreciation for the passion and skill needed.

  2. Wow! Publishing is quite involved! Good for John for pushing through and maintaining his writing discipline! Oops, too many exclamation points.

  3. Great article, Sue! I loved reading about why John decided to be his own publisher. His stories in the annual Halloween Anthologies tend to be one of the best in the book! So proud of how well he’s done.

    • The way he writes daily, and hones the craft is indeed inspiring. Proves it can be done.
      And you, by the way, are also a skilled and prolific writer. Hope you can resume facilitating the group for writers at Barnes and Noble after this Covid crud is over.

  4. Good for John. He established a goal and set sail. Five and three-quarter books is impressive for someone who is just starting out. For him to do that, his writers group must be very diverse and willing to let the truth be told.

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