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Another Group to Hate — 2 Comments

  1. All I can say is AMEN.
    Dear Father God, please help us to love when the world wants us to hate.
    I am going to share this one after I meditate on it for a LONG time.

  2. So true, Sue…when the hated group has a face, one should choose to love. As nurses it is often incumbent upon us to care for..thus LOVE…our patients. This is easy to do when they have similar attitudes and goals to our own, not so easy when they rebuff our suggestions.

    Working in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation I find many patients one might consider “non-compliant”, a handle we could easily hang on the anti-vaxxers. These are the people who just underwent a life-changing, nearly fatal illness, and they arrive with the attitude “Well, you gotta die of something!” “But it doesn’t have to be heart disease!”, I want to yell from the mountain tops!

    In truth, ramming into this kind of resistance with a “Listen to me, I know best!” attitude simply causes the patient to double down and throw up his defensive barriers. A gentle probe into why he or she feels that his fate cannot be altered by changing habits is always worth a try.

    I guess we are both saying the same thing: throwing down the gauntlet, yelling “My way or the highway!” almost never works, unless you’re in Nazi Germany, a fascist society inspired by hate. Even there there were pockets of underground resistance who were ultimately successful, but at the cost of a world war. Let us all be more like Jesus and his disciples, who proceeded from town to town, offering love like sprinkles, allowing it to trickle down until Christianity became a giant cloud of good.

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