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An Interview with Rick Iekel – Writer and Historian — 4 Comments

  1. I am a friend of Rick, but I had to tell him I was having a hard time reading his first book: “Life Lines.” It’s not that I didn’t love it – I most certainly did – but I’d start reading the poems his mother wrote and break down in tears. I’m sure the context that Rick supplied helped, but that book was a tear-jerker. I loved it.

    “Home with a Heart” had to be difficult to write. Having the house tell its own story is a very clever idea. Pulling it off is a testimate to his writing skills.

    • I teared up too, reading “Life Lines,” Steve. How many times do they say, “if these walls could talk?”
      I agree with you. Rick made that happen with incredible skill.

    • Thank you,George. I’m glad you enjoyed House with a Heart as much as I did. I hope more people read Rick’s book.
      PS I appreciate your noticing my quilting theme. I’m hopeful that with many quilters still quilting it never becomes a lost art.

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