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America’s Healthcare Conveyor Belt — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you for all your comments. This is a conversation that really needs to continue if we want effective and reasonably priced health care.So glad you agree!

  2. Amen Sue for all you’ve said! I agree 100%!
    Love “It should not be a pill for every ill but a LIFESTYLE SKILL to prevent the ill in the first place.” I strongly believe this.
    Awesome approach to health care!
    I wish your message could reach some people in power to make changes. Hope this message reaches many!

  3. I love your fight with Big Pharma, Sue! As you may remember, my past thirty-plus years in nursing ( following twenty-plus in intensive care), have been in cardiac rehab. The field of medicine IS slowly advancing into proactive treatment, rather than reactive. There is even a realization among insurance companies that it is fiscally responsible and beneficial to pay for three months of an exercise/education program rather than a costly intervention. Mind you, this has taken YEARS to happen, but rehab is actually a bit more popular now! MDs like ya enough that they refer across hospital boundaries. Many patients attend, many we never see again. Years later we may see obituaries inferring death from some other diagnosis.

    Let us hope this revolution maintains itself and Big Pharma retreats into research modalities that benefits- not fleeces- its customers!

    Let us hope

  4. Hi Sue–
    It was on the news (two days ago) about the strong connection between antacids and stomach cancer. Another story (2013) praised antacids for helping to prevent throat cancer. I wish they’d make up their minds! I live with a lot of pain because I’m very hesitant about taking meds today. Some of them work against each other as well. Thanks for the heads-up on prescriptions; though my situation sometimes goes the other way, and they’re lax in refilling in a timely manner.

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