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  1. Sue this was received in a timely fashion as I am blest with having a mom who is 98 years of age and has difficulty with advice so I will heed your message thank you

  2. Sue, you have just provided tremendous relief for all those in the caregiver field! My days of caregiving could have used these words of wisdom.

    I remember your Mom very fondly. You are so right to define her as one you could find by “following the laughter!” One time I was visiting you in Rochester and your mother drove us downtown so you and I could pick up something. When we exited the car two guys were checking us out and said something flirty. Your Mom in the car responded with a huge grin, and the guys replied, “Wow! There’s another one!!” Your Mom was totally delighted to be included and we chuckled about the encounter all the way back home. Both your parents were favorites of mine, as of course, was Gene.❤️

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