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A Problem for Every Solution — 4 Comments

  1. This made me start off Monday morning with a smile as I start my 15,000 step day !It is my sanity while our country is in TOTAL CHAOS!!!and my anxiety levels are off the charts!!!Thank you fir your insight!!!

  2. But the good news is you ARE walking! I so wish you lived near me where we could walk together in Onondaga Lake Park.

    OLP is fortunately right I back of my house. It’s easy to get 4 to 5 miles in 75-90”. When the pandemic closed the gyms, this walk became my saving grace. Frequently I had a partner, either my friend Annette or my neighbor Bev, but when I walked alone, I truly enjoyed the emerging beauty of the spring. As autumn progresses, the vibrant colors just energize me! I use this opportunity to pray the rosary, seeking the grace from the Lord to defeat this virus and to save our country from division and hate.

    As a task-oriented person ( and what nurse isn’t?), I find by getting this done in the morning it colors my whole day. I can sleep at night!

    • I remember how beautiful your back yard is – all the way to the walkway along the lake shore. Even I would love that walk! I think having a walking partner can make a big difference, whether it’s a friend or Jesus.

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