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  1. As soon as I have issues with “gut” feelings (physical or otherwise) I seek a quiet place, submit to the Lord and His Word, even if it is a short passage in my journal. It may not seem as if I’m getting His message right away–but the first thing that comes over me is calm. He works the rest out through His peace–and I’m astounded at how His Word fits those moments.

  2. For all my years in nursing, I repeatedly found that listening to my gut led to better outcomes. Sometimes just rechecking a patient turned out to be a wise decision, as the combination of learned physiology and my general alert system coalesced to warn me of changes.

    Even now in my daily life I trust my gut to alert me if something just doesn’t “feel” right. When my widowed friend and neighbor met a promising suitor on a senior match web site, I warned her to be careful about sharing information with him. Sadly my gut was proven to be reliable when he started seeking money from her to shore up his business.

    Sometimes I wonder if relying on my gut is inhibiting me from trying new experiences; that’s where I might just have to try to jump out of my “box” and take a risk. Don’t worry, though; if I do that I will weigh the pluses and minuses!

    • I have every faith in your good judgement, Cathy. It is true about those “feelings” we nurses get about our patients. Sometimes you know something is brewing, even though all the signs (temperature, pulse, blood pressure)”look” good.

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