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  1. My neighbor and friend’s daughter is married to an organic farmer; they and their kids live in Nedrow in a beautiful spot in South Onondaga. They run a CSA and I’ve thought about joining. My son actually did belong a couple of years ago, but they found they couldn’t keep up with all the veggies!

    • Yeah, you gotta love your veggies – a lot! OR share with neighbors and relatives. It’s good for a family of vegetarians or sometimes two households will go in together on one share.

  2. I checked in to the CSA at Sunscape Farms on Maiden Lane when I lived in Greece. I decided it wasn’t for me since I can’t eat certain vegetables like peppers (I just don’t digest them well) and they included a lot of peppers. I also figured I wouldn’t be that diligent in driving over there and picking up my ration. The public market on Union Street is a good alternative or the farmer’s market at the Town Hall in Irondequoit (since I live there now) on Thursday evenings. It’s also fun to poke around and chat with vendors who absolutely go nuts over Isabella! Looking foward to getting out soon to do just that! Maybe we can go together sometime!!

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