Sue LeDoux

Christian writer and journalist

Writing about faith, caring, and healing




A popular sermon topic deals with “the dash.” It’s that little line between the date of one’s birth and the date of death. “You’ve been on this earth for over 50 years, what have you done?” a friend asked – who was overly kind about the number 50. Good question.

I married, raised a son, and followed two career paths, one as a registered nurse and another as a piano teacher. Besides teaching class piano and medical terminology in our school district’s Adult Education Program for several years, quilting captured my heart through an Adult Education class I took. I confess to being a perpetual student — or egghead, depending on your point of view, but didn’t discover the other purpose of my “dash” until retiring.

Having always loved words – reading them, writing them, pondering them, I wrote my first novel when our son was a toddler. (The manuscript lives in my closet, exactly where it belongs.)  After retiring from nursing, I considered writing more seriously, but had no clue about what to write. One Sunday, our pastor gave the “Dash Sermon” and then I knew. (I wonder if pastors become uneasy when a member of their flock pumps their hand after service and says, “Thank you. Your sermon changed my life. I know what I’m going to do now.”). I write. God takes care of the rest. That’s my “dash.”

I became a Christian writer and journalist for various missions, organizations, and The Good News Magazine (published in upstate New York). I just completed another novel and am in the process of preparing it for submission.

Over the years, the Lord has blessed me with challenges that forced me to navigate some difficult landscapes. Dealing with a cancer diagnosis and caring for frail family members taught me to lean on God’s grace. Turning to my nursing education, I threw myself into research and discovered a seismic shift in our approach to wellness that is just rumbling to life now. I’m eager to share what I’m learning and hear about your journeys as well. Let’s have a conversation.